Friday, December 9, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time long long time ago far away from here
when tv was still in black and white and hair spray was still in style
there live a young woman with her mother in the place call country hell

she was beautiful and bright but was not educated since the mother who is a b**ch was busy changing a husband year after year
(btw her dad died lorrr...)
the mother will have a young and old fellow, dark and fair fellow, thick and thin fellow,
from good to bad and smart to stupid fellow
in the end all of her siblings have a different father and somehow is neglected

the mother was afraid that her husband like her daughter, so she send the daughter to her gramps to stay
in order to help her gramps out with their cost of living since they are in their golden days the daughter went to look for a work
work she did find but the pays not enough, she try her best to hang on as best as she can
she asked her mother for help, but her mother say no
you'll have to get married the b**ch said then you will be ok

the daughter said no but who is she kidding, the b**ch is her mother all she can do is crying
the b**ch married her off to a young man, who always treat her woman with no respect
he talk with his feed and fist, no caresses and kindness, no love song and poem
now vulgar words is the melody of her life, black and blue is the color of her rainbow

.... sambung lain kali arrr.....

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